Mr.Bang & Gang

Mr.Bang & Gang is kind of a workshop founded by two Rock N Roll musicians, as we realized that the best music is usually done, and actually should be done without any limits. No genres or styles, just music. MBG was founded by Pasi "Bazzo" Jokinen; drums, percussions, vocals and Jali "Hot" Tuhkunen; guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals. Both of us have been playing since 70s with many groups in Finland, like Dave Taylor, the Aviators, Fortune Teller, Low Down Dudes, Rollovers and Jetfires, for example. Our first CD-release was "Rattlesnake Shake" in 2007, including three songs. The titlesong was made with howling sax, in no-nonsense MBG-style. The CD also includes a hard-rocking version of Mike Ness original "Crime Dont Pay", as well as "Castin My Spell" made in maniac swamp-blues style. Our first release was noted in many magazines as a CD with lots fresh ideas, surprising mixture of different styles of well-shaken roots-music, cool attitude with modern hard-punching MBG-sound.. THE MBG RELEASE FOR 2008 IS OUT NOW. Our latest CD includes simply great songs from Ramones to Beach Boys. Made in the way we think that these songs should have been originally done ! The opening is from Dee Dee Ramone, "Poison Heart". Our version may sound a bit different from original with its western theme, including baritone-guitar, some desert wind, of course, and The Sons Of The Pioneers-styled choirs. We have received lots and lots of positive feedback for this version, hope you will find some "poison" in it too. The second song is old Turbans doo-woop classic "When You Dance". On our opinion, just throw some Rock N Roll in, and every song is a great song ! "Surfer Girl" is a Beach Boys - classic, and its the song that we just had to do in this laid back, electric-acoustic way. We feel its always summer when you listen to this, so make sure you have your swimming hat ready before listening.. The fourth one is a MBG-original "Too Short To Rock". The rockers who danced over three hours just to this particular song, described it as "Supercharged Rock N Roll ". Sounds cool enough. This new relase is available in stylish "Alamo" tinbox packing. All our music is recorded in Popstudio, Helsinki, Finland, by Mika Haapasalo. Our records are mastered by Minerva Pappi at Finnvox-studios, Helsinki. So, if you think this CD sounds good, you know who are the ones to blame. New Mr.Bang & Gang CD will be out on spring 2009, hold your breath ! Mr Bang & Gangin levyt äänitetään Popstudiossa Helsingissä Mika Haapasalon toimesta. Masteroinnin ja muhkean soundin takuumiehenä on toiminut Minerva Pappi Finnvoxilta. Uusi omakustanne MBG julkaisu ilmestyy jälleen keväällä 2009 ja näillä näkymin pitkäsoitto muodossa.


Tyylilaji: Country, Rock

Bändin jäsenet:

  • Jali "Hot" Tuhkunen
  • Pasi "Bazzo" Jokinen

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