Plastic Tears

Loud ROCKnROLL Action! THE BAND WITH A PAST LOOKING TO THE FUTURE! Plastic Tears, a rock band started in Helsinki, Finland in the 90's has released their new album through Propaganda Records [PRO 2077] (Distributed by Playground Music Scandinavia). ”Nine Lives Never Dies” is classic rock, but still hard to categorize. The music has influences from glam rock, pop, punk and other elements of which the own and personal sound of the Plastic Tears is formed. Sure, the band has heard comparisions from New York Dolls to Hanoi Rocks and so on, but still manage to sound like themselves. The bands strenght lies in having an timeless rock'n'roll sound and good songs that differ in style. A thing that can't be said about so many bands of today. This band has seen it all. Splitting up on stage, fighting through the 90's when bands with a rock'n'roll image were considered scum of the earth, line-up changes, being dropped by their old record label, gigs with the Cult and Andy McCoy etc, making debauched appearences on TV, finally getting good response from the major media, great gigs, staying true to their own style and after having a break for a few years coming back stronger than ever. This albums line-up has been together since 2006, is stable, and kicks serious ass!


Tyylilaji: Hard Rock, Pop, Punk, Rock

Bändin jäsenet:

  • Miqu December
  • Eco Xtasy
  • Marc Sonic
  • Andy Whitewine
  • Alef Koff

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