The Orkestra

The Orkestra started out as a garage-based experiment when our former basist and Epe started jamming with each other. It wasn't long after when Epe's older brother Lauri joined the group as well. The playing continued in the Liukkonen’s yardhouse and a few songs were written in the process. During the demo-recording sessions in December 2005, Jussi came along after he was found with the help from a mutual friend. (Thank you Öde, you’re the man). Jussi, with his versatile and accurate singing style, fitted more than well in the line-up of The Orkestra. In fact, he was just the missing link which the band had been searching for. In the end of 2007 two other members were recruited to The Orkestra's family. Sami as the new bass player and Tapio as another guitar slinger were much needed to reinforce the sound of the band. The influences for the band vary from player to player. They cover a vast range of bands and styles all the way from the 70’s to the new millenium. The Orkestra’s main goal is to create open minded modern rock without forgetting to honor all the rock legends that came before them. They aim to preserve the authentic rock n' roll attitude.


Tyylilaji: Rock

Bändin jäsenet:

  • Jussi Mikkola
  • Lauri Liukkonen
  • Erno Liukkonen
  • Tapio Juntunen
  • Sami Sihvo

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